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    Your pet is unique—just like our care plan for each patient.

  • Nervous pets? Mobility concerns? We got it!

    Our clinic is accessible, and we try our best to accommodate your needs for a peaceful visit.

  • Patience • Kindness • Skill

    We practice low-stress handling techniques to make your pet’s visit as pleasant and safe as possible.

  • Happy Staff, Happy Everyone

    We work and learn best in a nurturing and supportive environment! Our staff recharge on breaks so that they’re ready and sharp for you and your pets.

  • Smiles await your arrival!

    Call us at (612) 822-1545 ~ Located at 4249 Bryant Ave South, Mpls

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We are dedicated to providing the best veterinary care available to animal caretakers in the Twin Cities region. Thank you for trusting us with your pet!

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Big Arfs, Meows, Chirps, Squeals for LHV!

Our dog will turn 10 next month and she’s been visiting Lake Harriet Vet since we got her as a puppy. We did the puppy classes there and to this day her entire butt wags when we head toward the door. Dr Sinning (both of them) are sweet, lovely people and we couldn’t be happier to support them!

Dog owner
Dog owner

I had a bit of drama meltdown in the car on the way, but once I arrived at this comfy clinic, I was happy to take treats and stay still (mostly) for the exam. Everyone seemed to speak Cat very well, because I didn’t have to scold anyone more than once.

Yoga Cat
Yoga CatChief Stretcher

Went back to LHV after our oldest Beagle became too fearful at the discount Vetco clinic. They were infinitely patient with him and his younger sis Beagle and it turned out they were only a tiny bit more expensive. Would highly recommend this place, especially if you have a vet-fearful pet. Thumbs up!

Happy Client
Happy ClientGreat for fearful pets!

I recently lost my dear little cat to a rapidly-spreading cancer. In the midst of this shocking and utterly heartbreaking experience, I was surrounded by genuine people who knew how to do their jobs with big hearts. I cannot fully express my gratitude to Dr. Jessy, the techs, and the entire staff of the clinic for their sensitivity, professionalism, and kindness. My calls were always returned and my (lengthy/hysterical) emails always received an unhurried, verbal response from the doctor. I have never been treated with such gentle consideration. My little Jet passed into the next life peacefully and painlessly. I would wish the same for us all.

Cat owner
Cat owner