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At Lake Harriet Veterinary, we work as a team: our veterinarians whose diverse areas of expertise and interests complement one another, our skilled and kind supporting staff, and you, the owners. Every animal is unique, so our care is individualized to meet your pet’s specific needs. We heartily give out cookies, but never cookie-cutter treatments!

Our collective experience and up-to-date knowledge allows us to use the best of both conventional and integrative medicine, and help you make informed decisions about your pet’s wellness.

We know that vet visits can be stressful, so everyone is trained in gentle low-stress handling techniques that help our (sometimes scared) patients feel comfortable and safe. You can both breathe easy at our earth-friendly clinic with lots of natural light, cushioned surfaces, plenty of healthy treats, and big smiles to help make your visit a positive experience.

Exams for preventative care, emergent issues, or chronic disease (30 minutes)

During this visit we will explore options and create a clear and realistic medical plan for your pet.


Dental disease is present in 80% of veterinary patients over 3 years of age. Our specially trained veterinarians have earned additional skills from the Animal Dental Training Center in Baltimore. We offer cleanings, extractions, and advice on preventative care. The digital X-rays minimize exposure to radiation and allow for earlier detection of dental problems.


Most common surgeries are performed right here at our clinic: spays, neuters, tumor removals, and removal of foreign objects (socks, toys, etc.) from the digestive tract. We also have a roster of board certified surgeons who is available to perform advanced procedures in the comfort of our hospital. This allows us to oversee your companion’s medical care while sparing you from having to visit an unfamiliar clinic. Most commonly, specialist procedures include orthopedic surgery (broken bones, correction of ACL tears) and advanced tumor or cancer removal.

Integrative Modalities

• • • For Existing Patients Only • • •
For our existing patients, we may incorporate nutraceuticals, some elements of food therapy, herbal medicine, and/or acupuncture as part of their treatment plan to manage certain medical conditions.
Please note that new clients interested in these modalities must first schedule a regular physical exam for their pet in order to explore these options. If integrative therapies are appropriate and available for your pet, follow up visits will be  scheduled for the recommended service(s).

Therapeutic laser

Laser therapy is often used as part of a management plan for arthritis, weakness and mobility problems. It is also an effective tool for non-healing wounds, infections, and for post-operative use on incisions. Our patients experience no pain or discomfort from treatments and owners will usually sit with their pets during the sessions. Our laser machine is a Class 4.

Spinal manipulation (chiropractic care)

Dr. Jim Sinning practices spinal manipulation (usually called chiropractic care in the human world) and took courses at the Healing Oasis Wellness Center in Racine, WI. It is most commonly used for arthritis, pain management, paralysis, and to prevent injury in active dogs.

Individualized approach to vaccination/titers

Your pet’s vaccine recommendation will be based on lifestyle and risk. We also rely on vaccine titers to assess immune memory to the common vaccines.

Digital radiology

Digital X-rays minimize radiation and re-takes, and allow us to quickly send digitized images for interpretation by board certified radiologists or surgeons.

Collaboration with boarded specialists (surgery, radiology, ultrasound)

We regularly schedule board certified surgeons, cardiologists, and ultrasound specialists to visit our practice. Clients and their pets appreciate not having to visit an unfamiliar hospital and benefit from having their regular veterinarian oversee the procedure. This means better continuity of care and makes it less likely for problems with redundancy or errors in the treatment plan.

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