Major Consults

A major consult is a dedicated and flexible 1-hour appointment ($200). This is perfect for clients who are seeking:

  • More “doctor time” to discuss their concerns
  • An integrative approach to their pet’s care
  • Second (or third!) opinion from a fresh set of eyes for a condition for your pet

During the appointment, we will review the medical record, examine your pet, and discuss treatment options. This visit may include an acupuncture or chiropractic treatment, a discussion of herbal therapy or nutraceutical supplementation, and conventional options for chronic ailments that may not have been discussed before.

For example, we may:

  • Recommend surgery for an orthopedic injury, and follow up with laser therapy, acupuncture, or nutritional supplements
  • Prescribe supplements for a patient with liver disease to be used concurrently with conventional medications
  • Evaluate a cat with chronic kidney disease for a homemade diet (for willing owners)

We recognize that every owner has different concerns, and each pet is unique. Our goal is to create an individualized plan that will work best for you.

Some consults take twists and turns that we cannot predict. If your pet comes to us with an uncertain diagnosis, we may recommend further diagnostics (e.g., blood tests, radiographs, ultrasound) to form a medical plan. Alternatively, your pet may be getting excellent medical care with your primary veterinarian, and we would provide supportive integrative care. We understand that your time is valuable and would ask that you arrive prepared to use this time as efficiently as possible:

  1. Arrive 10 minutes before your appointment to fill out the necessary paperwork, so that we can organize the medical history. If possible, please fax the medical history 1–2 days before the scheduled appointment.
  2. Know your goals before your visit. Prioritize your concerns if your pet has multiple medical issues, so that we can create a plan accordingly.
  3. Be prepared to tell us your pet’s specific diet and bring any supplements or vitamins to the appointment.

After the initial consult, progress exam appointments may be needed to make adjustments to the plan, or if there are changes to your or your pet’s needs. Things that warrant a progress exam include new medical conditions and modifications to the diet or supplement plan. When acupuncture or chiropractic care is part of the medical plan, we generally recommend a minimum of 3–4 successive treatments to maximize the benefits of those modalities.

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