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— January 5, 2022 —

Dear Lake Harriet Veterinary clients and friends:
Happy New Year! Given the rapid rise in local and national Covid cases, we are making some temporary changes at Lake Harriet Veterinary. We have in place a quarantine protocol to keep any symptomatic employees out of the workplace. The success of our safety protocol depends on your cooperation—and will help maintain normal staffing levels to meet your pets’ needs.

  • We will begin Covid screening via phone and/or text when you schedule an appointment. Please schedule a curbside appointment if you or anyone in your family is currently positive for, or displaying possible signs of Covid. Sore throat, fever, lethargy, cough, loss of taste or smell, and/or runny nose are all common signs of infection.
  • In an effort to minimize crowding, we will be allowing only one pet owner in the building per appointment. Two persons may enter for: 1) euthanasia appointments; 2) those needing assistance; or 3) a parent with a young child. There may be some additional exceptions to this one-person rule, so please ask us ahead of time if you feel a second person may be needed.
  • Masks are required when visiting Lake Harriet Veterinary, and N95 and KN95 masks are preferred. Depending on a type and fit of the mask you bring, we will provide you with a 3-layer ear loop mask to wear during the appointment.

As the situation is ever-changing, please be prepared for additional changes in the future. We may again return to curbside drop-off appointments, or provide more phone consultations with our veterinarians working off-site. Inside the clinic we will continue to keep your visit as safe as possible. All employees have been vaccinated, wear masks, and maintain social distancing when possible. Because of these measures and through your cooperation, we have been spared the staffing shortages faced by many other veterinary facilities. We appreciate your understanding and compassion, and for trusting us with the care of your furry friends!

Thank you, and wishing wellness to you all!

—Lake Harriet Veterinary


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Safety first:

Suddenly, many of us are making lifestyle choices based on safety, including distancing measures that individual businesses are taking. The current data tells us the safest approach to minimizing infection is to wear masks, decrease the number of people in close proximity to one another, and to limit the amount of time we spend together in small shared spaces. To meet these ends, we are masked during our entire time at the clinic, sanitize phones, computers, and work spaces regularly, take staggered breaks and use separate spaces for lunches, and work in dedicated and separated work spaces. Please see below for general Covid-19 animal recommendations.


Please call 612-822-1545 to make an appointment and we will direct you to our website to complete a “pre-exam appointment form.” This form is required for all appointments. It is essential this be filled out completely so we can anticipate your pet’s medical needs and address all your concerns.

If you prefer curbside appointments: All veterinary services can still be provided “curbside,” meaning your pet will be brought into the clinic while you remain in the car. Cats must be in a carrier and dogs must be leashed to a securely fitted collar. When choosing curbside appointments, please park as close to the clinic as possible upon arrival and give us a call at (612) 822-1545. One of our team members will retrieve your pet on the sidewalk and bring it into an exam room. The doctor will call and review the physical exam and treatment recommendations. Please remain nearby the clinic and wait for your pet’s exam to complete, unless the doctor says you can leave. Payment will be collected over the phone while we complete the medical treatments, and your pet will be returned to you with any medications or written instructions.


Click here for Pre-Exam Appointment Form

Thank you for your understanding and patience—we look forward to seeing you!

For general questions, please call 612-822-1545 or email: [email protected]


At this time there is no evidence dogs, cats, or other household pets can spread COVID-19. To date, there have been no reports of pets becoming infected with COVID-19 in the U.S. The CDC is recommending that people who are sick with COVID-19 limit their contact with pets and other animals, just as they would restrict contact with other household members. As a precaution, we recommend having sufficient pet food and prescription medications on hand in case pet owners or their families need to stay home.